The mission of the center is to establish its own workshop/studio on the north shore of Vancouver. This venue will be set up in various satellite work stations to meet different art formats.

This venue will also provide studio space for women with disabilities who wish to pursue their art in a user friendly and safe environment built to fit their physical requirements.

The overall desire is to offer women with such difficult life circumstances opportunities to gain personal empowerment through self-employment.

Funding will continue until this center has its own premises.

Establishing the Vancouver Applied Arts Center is the life long dream of Liz Burnett, an artist and small business owner from Vancouver.

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about the

vancouver applied arts center

for Women in Vancouver

 The Vancouver Applied Arts Center provides training in creative manufacturing skills for women living in Vancouver. 

It creates employment opportunities by initiating, or sourcing art projects that will enhance social or charity events, such as:

  • hand painted ceramic tiles for the construction and interior decorating industry  - perfect for step rises and kitchen back splashes
  • hand painted dinnerware - perfect for exclusive restaurants to increase an already unique ambiance
  • hand painted placemats. napkins, & tablecloths
  • hand painted home decor
  • silk screen printed tote bags for conferences 
  • hand painted restored furniture
  • city or suburban street flags
  • umbrellas
  • jewellery
  • personal accessories

In fact, we can embellish anything you can think of to make it uniquely yours, or elevate your event.

The Vancouver Applied Arts enter is a For Profit center that pays its artists a fair fee for products produced, and is run as a Small Business.