The second art project was to take old, used denim jeans and other orphaned clothing, and turn all the good parts into beautiful summer sun hats and beach bags. The sun hats were all fully lined and reversible, meaning you would get two hats for the price of one. Some of the sun hats came with a hand painted silk scarf, that you can keep on the hat, or remove and wear around your neck. 

The beach bags were all fully lined as well, with numerous pockets, and some closing with full length zippers. These hats and bags were sold at various summer craft markets in North & West Vancouver during summer 2016.

The hats and bags were sewn together on her dining room table by Lidia Coppola, a retired resident living in West Vancouver. Lidia received expert hands-on assistance from her husband, Nicola, who helped with the cutting and designing.

I am so pleased to say that his project has evolved into a home-grown industry that is now a continuing project with winter hats and waist coats being made for 2016, as well as new clothing items being designed for summer 2017.

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This project is fully funded by Sea to Sky Artworks Ltd.


THE SECOND art project hats & bags

Reversible sun hats - inside & outside

Hats & Bags were sold at different craft markets in
North & West Vancouver during Summer 2016

for Women in Vancouver

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