Hand painted silk scarves and red roses - beautiful gifts to breast cancer survivors

I have a BFA from Emily Carr University.

I also have a permanent disability.  Working on art projects provides me with a great sense of purpose & achievement. Our hand painted silk scarves not only provided commemoration of this important event, but are also utilitarian objects of beauty.

our project to hand paint silk scarves

We are very proud of our art project to hand paint silk scarves for the Nite of Hope  breast cancer fundraising gala event that was held on 16 April 2015. This was an awesome inaugural opportunity for the new Vancouver Applied Arts Center, where we find art related employment opportunities for women with disabilities. Our goal was to hand paint a silk scarf for each breast cancer survivor attending this function - about 100 scarves - and we did. What a beautiful experience it was presenting our silk scarves to these amazing ladies.

A huge Thank You to Shelley Leonhardt  from  Nite of Hope who
gave us this opportunity to participate in their event. And another huge Thank You to everyone who contributed to this project: Sharon M, Donna B, Sylvia Y, Pierre M, Nicole M, Marcelle M, Kevin Z,
‚ÄčAnita M, Heather M, Tony H, Katie W, Leslie R, and one special anonymous sponsor with a very big heart!
Your generosity made this beautiful gift possible.

See how beautiful it looks when wearing one of these hand painted silk scarves.

A box filled to overflowing with hand painted silk scarves ready to hand out at the gala event.

the artists

Joni L. Larsen

Gladys Carrasco

Copyright 2015. Vancouver Applied Arts Center. All rights reserved.

Liz Burnett

A message of hope and inspiration was hand written on each scarf

I am an artist, silversmith & jewelry appraiser. I am also the Founder of Vancouver Applied Arts Center.  My driving force is, & has always been, to find, develop, acknowledge & promote the creative spirit that lives in all of us. The hand painted silk scarf project  was a project of great joy & fulfillment for many.

Many years ago I studied art, then I was diagnosed with Parkinson's.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work on this  beautiful hand painted silk scarf project. It was something new to learn, and was a harmonious, loving experience filled with affection. I hope to continue to do these projects.

for Women in Vancouver

Joni & Liz in the studio hand painting scarves.

Gladys & Joni hard at work heat setting & painting scarves.